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Bubbly Paws

When we opened our first Bubbly Paws location in 2011, we wanted to create a new idea for the way grooming salons worked and looked. We put in long hours, drank lots of coffee, and designed the ultimate pet grooming destination. Before we knew it our groomers were booked out several weeks and customers were lining up to use our self-service tubs.

In the following years, we opened 3 additional locations in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Since then we’ve received messages from people around the country wanting to know how to create a dog wash like ours. A random fact is that we even consulted a dog spa in Toulouse, France! Then in 2020 we decided to franchise and would love to talk with you about taking the next step to Bubbly Paws ownership!

Our Services

We’ve revolutionized the self-service bath customer experience. We provide everything customers need to make their pup look, smell and feel great! We recently have been testing out our “Scrub Club” which has unlimited baths for a low monthly cost.

The full service bath is designed for dogs that don’t need a full groom, but customers want the Bubbly Paws team to do all the work. This is also a very popular option with grooming clients in between grooms.

The Bubbly Paws groomers go the extra mile to make all the dogs look and feel great. We design the stores to provide a low stress grooming setting. We train the groomers to communicate what is best for the dog and what we can accomplish. At pick up, we also provide a report card to help communicate how the dog did.

Here is just a small sample of the tools we provide to our franchisees:

Franchise Training
Business management
Security issues and credit related matters
Business management and profitability planning
Expert industry knowledge
Professional sales and marketing
Extensive sessions on network building
Operational Assistance
High quality, branded products
Networking tactics and communication protocols to help franchisees establish local relationships of trust
Staff and Capacity planning techniques to maximize profitability
Quality control and audit oversight to minimize risk
Technical Assistance
Comprehensive business solutions training and setup to minimize any learning curve
Continuous system level support
Financial System training and support
Advertising & Marketing

This is where we excel! We believe that marketing, is the single most important component of any business, and in today's technology age social proof is the most important kind of marketing. We help franchisees:

Find the right influencers in their marketplace and engage them Stay top-of-mind without being one of "those" companies in customer's feed Have a blast while doing it!

In addition to the knowledge base on how to engage, we bring the tools necessary to execute.

-Marketing Collateral
–Professionally designed, expertly targeted, inventoried online for customization and easy implementation.
-Advertising Fund
–Working with national advertising agencies, we implement national and regional programs that help build our brand, while promoting benefits for local franchises.

Multiple Profit Centers

Of course, full-service grooming is our bread and butter. We maximize profitability, however, by providing:

Branded, proprietary products
A national membership program
The best negotiated rates for your other retail products
The expertise to keep customers coming back in between groomings with our self-service dog washing.

Bubbly PawsBubbly Paws
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