PJ's Coffee of New Orleans

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans

Our competitive advantages include:
  • Simple to run business model with easier ROI opportunities.
  • Low labor costs/employee need.
  • Guaranteed in demand product indefinitely- coffee will never go out of style!
  • Consecutive same store sales growth year over year since 2013 (and still growing!).
  • We have shelf life/expiration dates on our coffee for quality assurance of the freshest coffee served.
  • Contrary to most coffee shop distributors and coffee shops who distribute their own coffee, PJ's coffee roasted in small batches to guarantee fresh roasted coffee going into the consumers cups (which the consumer notices); where competitors mostly mass produce their roasted coffee to save on resources and money. We roast more frequent and at smaller quantities daily just to give the consumer peace of mind in knowing they're getting coffee that's been roasted more recently and fresh off the belts!
  • We are the only ones with access to our top arabica beans sold in stores (and online)! Why? Because we have our own coffee farm that we recently acquired, and are about to expand even further in Honduras.
  • We (PJ's Coffee) are the ORIGINATORS of Cold Brew coffee (see company description to reference story)
  • Coffee is a $48 Billion/year US industry and a $100 Billion/year global industry.
  • New Orleans was the original coffee hub of the U.S. before it became Seattle, and is still voted a top city for quality coffee. Our PJ's brand has the "of New Orleans" tag line in the name for that reason.
  • Chicory coffee is our thing and was made famous in New Orleans

PJ's Coffee of New OrleansPJ's Coffee of New Orleans
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